Thursday, July 24, 2014

Flame burns out on FirePit Wit

Last week at the brewery, we had another Ribstone Creek first.

We cried in our beers as we watched, for the first time, beer go down the drain. Our FirePit Wit never made it to Alberta pint glasses.

How could this happen? Our Witbier was meant to be a one-batch summer seasonal. Anyone who has or does brew beer knows, yeast is a picky little micro-organism and, in this case, the biggest reason why we had to say goodbye to a beer we wanted to love.

Not unlike most types of farming, yeast farming is an art in itself and as a brewery still in its infancy we are always refining our processes. We attempted a new in-house yeast propagation technique on our new pilot system. Fermentation started vigorously then slowed to the point that it wouldn’t finish out. We attempted to rouse the yeast to get it going again, but weren’t able to bring it back from the dead.

We refuse to put out products that we are not proud of and can't stand behind. So down the drain our FirePit Wit went.

Now that we know what we know, we may look to try it again in the future but for now it is back to brewing our other great beers.

Aaron Hogarth
Head Brewer, Ribstone Creek Brewery

Monday, May 5, 2014

Ribstone Creek Lager earns gold medal

The 2014 Calgary BeerFest was a historic one for Ribstone Creek Brewery.

In just its second year of full-scale production, Ribstone Creek Lager earned a gold medal in the category of Best Light Lager, a huge achievement in a genre crowded with top-notch brews.

"This is an incredible achievement for us. Our team is deeply honoured," said David Helm, Ribstone Creek's Alberta Sales Manager. "As a relatively new player on the Alberta beer scene, recognition like this goes a long way in putting us on the map."

At the 2014 BeerFest, a panel of beer judges deliberated over brews in 20 different categories. Each judge has been certified through the Beer Judge Certification Program, a rigorous course designed to promote beer literacy and appreciation.

While Ribstone Creek continues to roll out new brews - like the new Lone Bison IPA - President Don Pare said the lager has always been the rural brewey's flagship product.

"We've always believed our lager to be a premium beer with broad appeal," said Pare. "To have this kind of confirmation from judges at the Calgary BeerFest gives us all a real confidence boost."

This year marked the 10th anniversary for the Calgary festival.

About Ribstone Creek Lager:
A premium lager (5% alc./vol.) that combines an easy-drinking finish with a micro-brews attention to detail. It pours pale gold with bright, sparkling clarity and a soft blanket of white head. The aroma offers delicate, grainy malt sweetness supplemented by a light grassiness and a hint of floral hop.

Ordering information for vendors:
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Kegs: 50L - $189 SKU #747067
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David Helm
Alberta Sales Manager
Ribstone Creek Brewery